Meet Our Staff

Our Administration and Head Staff are unlike any other. Each member of the team brings unique skills and experiences to camp. They are devoted to meeting the needs of every child because they genuinely care about each and every camper. Our Head Staff is a strong and cohesive unit who truly enjoy providing the best camping experience possible.

Our counselors are comprised of Yeshiva High School graduates, who are currently learning in Israel or in a local Bais Medresh Program. Most of our staff members have been with us for years, many of them starting off as young campers themselves. Our counselors are warm and filled with enthusiasm and energy. They care for their campers and make sure everyone is having fun and making friends! Our staff is a mature and experienced team, who truly care about the safety, growth, and happiness of our campers.

Alex Gold

Executive Director

Brooklyn, NY

AC Posner

Head Counselor

Monsey, NY

Rabbi Noach Sauber

Learning Director

Edison, NJ

Rabbi Daniel Konigsberg

Assistant Head Counselor & Program Director

North Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Eli Mann

Division Head Supervisor

North Miami Beach , FL

Rabbi Yakov Weber

Senior Division Head

Brooklyn, NY

Avrumi Lieberman

Malchus Division Head

Flushing NY

Rabbi Reuven Rodin

Lower Malchus Division Head

Dallas, TX

Dovid Puderbeutel

Tiferes Division Head

Cedarhurst, NY

Dovi Schwartz

Junior Division Head

North Miami Beach, Florida.

Rabbi Aaron Fleksher

Malchus Supreme Division Head

North Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Hersh Kasirer

Assistant Learning Director

Queens, NY

Rabbi Shloime Katz

Assistant to the Head Counselor

Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Dani Staum

Media & Marketing

Monsey, NY

Rabbi Mayer Erps

Night Activity Director

Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Shraga Zachai

Ya’alozu Mountaineering Assistant Director

St. Louis, MI

Yossi Sirote

Ya’alozu Mountaineering Director

Highland Park, NJ

Rabbi Zack Blaustien

Yaalozu Head Counselor. 

Louisville, Kentucky

Rabbi Yedidya Bin-Nun

CDG Chevra Director

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Tzvi Maimon

CDG Chevra Division Head

Cleveland, Ohio

Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Blinder

Chevra Learning Rebbe

North Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Chesky Schwartz

Head Lifeguard

Las Vegas, NV

Rabbi Yosef Oldak

Head Chef and Kitchen Manager

Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Eli Herzberg

Learning Rebbe

Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Jason Olshin

Learning Rebbe

Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Avrohom Yachnes

Learning Rebbe

North Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Avi Fertig

Learning Rebbe

Cleveland, OH

Rabbi Yitzchok Schlissel

Learning Rebbe

North Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Eli Ackerman

Learning Rebbe

Edison, NJ

Rabbi Uri Becker

Learning Rebbe

Queens, NY

Rabbi Simcha Loiterman

Learning Rebbe

Flushing, NY

Rabbi Dani Meisels

Learning Rebbe

Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Raphi Bollag

Camp Doctor

North Woodmere, NY

Mrs. Lana Pinchasov, PA

Physician’s Assistant

North Woodmere, NY

Mrs. Sharona Seidel, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Boca Raton, FL

Mrs. Rachel Cutler, RN


Henderson, Nevada

Mrs. Sora Schor

Office Manager

Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Tzippy Yachnes

Camp Mother

North Miami Beach, FL

Dori Meisels

Day Camp Director

Pittsburgh, PA