Yaalozu – Mountaineering

Yaalozu is a wilderness survival program for boys completing 7th – 10th grades.

The goal of Yaalozu is to enable every camper to grow in both a spiritual and a physical manner. Campers participate in challenging activities, while the counselors guide them and provide the tools needed to succeed. Campers learn about the importance of working as a group, trusting and helping each other in order to be able to complete the activity.

Activities include cooking with wild edibles, learning survival skills, building shelters, fishing, trapping, leather working and so much more. Throughout the summer, the campers go on many trips including mountain climbing, multi-day hikes with outdoor camping, canoeing, biking, rafting, caving and more.

    The Yaalozu Mountaineering Program develops and strengthens the following areas:

    • Leadership qualities
    • Self-esteem
    • Responsibility
    • Happiness through hard work
    • Physical and mental endurance
    • Love of learning
    • A positive attitude toward stressful situations
    • Promoting teamwork under all circumstances
    • Cultivating the seeds of creativity
      Program Features:

      • Learn to build fires
      • Fish the natural way
      • Chop down trees
      • Trail-blazing
      • Learn creative and productive uses of a knife
      • Learn to make utensils for wilderness living
      • Build lookout towers, monkey bridges
      • Daily Learning
      • Learn Torah as it applies to the woods and wilderness
      • Delaware River canoe trip

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