New Expanded CIT Program for campers completing 9th Grade

Camp Dora Golding is proud to present our newly expanded CIT program for boys completing 9th grade. This hybrid CIT program will allow campers to continue their camping experience while also offering them the opportunity to get a feel for what it means to be part of CDG’s amazing staff.

The CIT program is designed to help the campers develop their interpersonal and management skills. It will allow them to demonstrate leadership qualities and cultivate the inner strengths they will discover in fulfilling these roles.

A day in the life of a CDG CIT will include our competitive sports leagues, our renowned Miles learning program, and exciting trips. In addition, CIT’s will gain meaningful experience working part time in one of the three following areas of camp:

Option 1 – Waitering

CITs can opt to waiter meals in our dining hall. Their schedule will be built to accommodate the set up and take down time that waitering will require. Campers who choose this option will have an opportunity to earn tips from the waiter pool.

Option 2 – Sports Staff

CITs who choose this option will have the opportunity to referee league games for campers in our younger divisions. The CIT Sports Staff schedule will be constructed so as not to conflict with their own league games.

Option 3 – Counselors in Training

CIT’s who choose this option will gain meaningful experience working with younger campers under the guidance of counselors and division heads. They will join bunks as additional staff members for activities and will get a sense of what it’s like to be a counselor and make an impact on a child’s life.

Campers who successfully participate in any of our CIT programs will receive priority status when it comes to staff hiring in future years.


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