Parents Testimonials

Dear Alex,

We just wanted to thank you for making camp happen this summer (2020)!

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited Avi was to leave to camp yesterday!

We just wanted to share with you how unbelievably impressed we were when we got to camp yesterday!

The drop off system was amazing and went so smoothly Baruch Hashem! (not surprising at all…it’s CDG!)

The staff was amazing and so helpful and fast even though it was so hot outside!

It was so nice to see happy children and staff back together after the not so easy past few months!

We just wanted to thank you again and wish you a wonderful summer!

Tamar and Pinny Heskiel

Inwood, NY

Dear Alex,

Hi. Hope this email finds you well.

I have so much thanks and Hakaras Hatov to you for yet again, an incredible and epic summer experience for Eli.

Eli has been sharing a lot of stories about the fun and excitement that he enjoyed as a camper in the Malchus Division He absolutely loved the emphasis on sports and leagues.  Eli mentioned that Malchus Division is privileged with some extra sports activities at different points throughout the day and that is exactly what appeals to him. I am beyond thrilled that Eli loved leagues and thrived in the competitive and lively atmosphere.

He says his bunkmates were great! He liked his counselor.  He loved the white water rafting trip.  He described the delicious late night BBQS and the Malchus privilege of night canteen. I inquired about the Do it Like Danny Morris initiative and Eli described that program as being a special and inspiring part of camp this summer. Of course it goes without saying that the CDG Olympics were epic and memorable. He obviously enjoyed the max miles bbq and he raved about the epic prizes that were given away. ( even though he didn’t win any. Haha)Overall Eli had the “best summer of his life!” BH!

I want to add that I was so impressed and grateful that Rabbi Rodin was Eli’s Division Head. He was super responsive and accessible and helpful when I reached out.  And Eli connected with him as well.  Bh!!

On a separate note,

Alex, thanks to YOU for being the best of the best and for ensuring that summer 2021 at CDG was BH the most amazing summer ever!

P.S. Eli already misses camp.

Wishing you and Chanie a beautiful and uplifting Shabbos together with your Dora Golding family.

Warmest Regards,

Ilana Whiteman

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Alex and Chef Yo,

My son Avi came home from camp today.

He said he had the BEST time!! Great activities, great food, great night activity Etc.

We wanted to thank you!
He said the food was amazing and we know that was a big part of his wonderful summer!
I’m going to have to step up my game in the kitchen since he’s used to such great food now:)
It sounds like he was kept so busy! He said he did so much extra learning on shabbos.

We are so grateful he had such a wonderful summer!

Also I wanted to mention how impressed I am with the office staff! They are so responsive!

Thank you so much!!


Leah and Joe Gottlieb

Bergenfield, NJ

Dear Alex,

Hi, I am sending this email as a thank you because I am so impressed. We applied, too late, (who knew?)  for my son Dovey, to get into camp and he was placed on the waiting list. I should be left dejected and upset but the warmth, patience and kindness of the Dora Golding staff is just so impressive. Each time I called to check if there was an opening, the person I spoke to was so sweet and patient. I know I spoke with Alex Gold and Sora Schor. I was truly calling every week which I know can be so annoying. You all encouraged me to keep calling and were just as nice as can be. While the No’s we get in life are all Bashert, they can be hard to receive. The kind approach of your staff made it much easier. I hope you all have a fun, meaningful and smooth summer. In my role as head staff in Camp Raninu I remember the craziness of the week before camp and truly wish you good luck, lots of energy, very few bumps and tons of laughs. While all the complaints come rolling in I hope this email is a relief. Your kindness is clearly the driving force behind your success!  And next year we will apply in September!

Tzipi Gottlieb

Baltimore, MD

Hi Alex,

I don’t know if your aware yet but I will not be returning to camp this summer as staff. I have chosen to be a Madrich on NCSY Kollel.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

When I first walked into camp in 11 years ago, I never could’ve imagined what it would do for me, and what I’ve gained from my time in camp.

I have formed lifelong relationships  in camp that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Whether with friends, or counselors of mine or division heads. I cherish all of them. And for me to be able to be a counselor and sports staff and create the same relationships I had with the next era of kids means so much to me.

 The foundation of my yiddishkeit, which has led me to be the yid I am today, was all because of camp. The  learning program and atmosphere of the camp, The rebbeim in camp. The way we do shabbos.  zemiros. shabbos davening. the learning on shabbos, davening in general during the week; how it’s conducted and how it’s taken seriously. All of these things are a testament to the culture the camp has created, and I’m so happy to have been zoche to it for 9 summers, and I will be eternally grateful.

The administration, with their care and ultimate goal of not just giving the campers a good time, but also to further their growth in frumkeit is incredible and I’m lucky to have been a camper in the system.

And finally to you, for all you’ve done for me. It was rough at some points for me,  but you did everything you could to make it better for me and still able to give me an amazing time, and I’m forever thankful for it.

I don’t know if this is the end of my time in camp. Only Hashem knows, but if it is, I am taking the time now to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I was lucky to be in the best camp in the mountains for as long as I was. It took me until now to understand fully what  “your lucky to be here” means, but now I see it, and I truly was the luckiest kid in the world.


Isaac Forgash

Teaneck, NJ

Dear AC Posner,

 I am sorry that my email is delayed, I meant to email you the day the boys came home!

 I can’t thank you enough for having Yehuda join you in camp this summer. He had one of (if not the best) summer he has ever had. His excitement in talking about the amazing staff and all of his new friends and the smiles that he has when he doesn’t even realize is the best.

 Yehuda loved being part of your staff and I truly appreciate you thinking of him.

 Thank you for also looking out for all my boys- they are ready to turn around and come back!

Each of them enjoyed beyond their own expectations and feel like CDG is a huge part of their lives.

 Wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.


Elissa Hochbaum

Bergenfield, NJ

Dear Alex,

I want to commend you and your staff. My son raves about the Yaalozu Mountaineering Program. Before it came into existence, he had no desire to spend his summers at camp and now, he cannot wait. He gets more exercise in his months with you than all year at Yeshiva and enjoys it more. Yasher Koach! Please keep up the good work.

Tzvi Wodinsky

Cedarhurst, NY

To Alex Gold:

There aren’t even words….

According to Akiva, Yossi Sirote and Meir Bisk are the two greatest people he ever met in his life and they made an enormous impact on him. (as well as Steve the Caver and all of the counselors- he loved them all)

My son’s Yaalozu experience was something out of this world. He grew so much and pushed himself to new high levels. I cannot thank you enough for an incredible life experience. The Torah messages that you all gave over to the boys were so meaningful and inspiring- exactly what my husband and I were searching for in a camp. The communication, warmth and reassurance from the staff was just amazing as we were new parents to the idea of overnight camp. I am so happy to report that all of our goals for sending our son away for a month were met precisely. Thank you for creating this camp for our boys who love the outdoor world and value Torah life and learning as well.

Akiva cannot stop bugging me to register him for Y2 ASAP- please advise.

Thank you again for a life-changing summer experience. There is no doubt that his experiences over the past month will carry him through the year. The counselors and administrative staff were absolutely amazing and they made this experience, for sure, what it was….I am shocked that Akiva actually went to sleep last night- he has not stopped talking about his month at Yaalozu for a moment!

Sima Blum

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Mr.Gold,

I know this letter is long overdue and I do apologize for that. I would like to thank you yet again for the great and wonderful opportunity you gave me this summer by letting me go to Camp Dora Golding / Yaalozu Program. I had such a great time making new friends, sleeping outside and even swimming in ice cold rivers. I did so many amazing things in Yaalozu that I never thought I could do. Like take care of chickens, make my own tzizis and how to build a trap out of sticks and string! (Some of the things were very useful when my family went camping in Vermont and we had to pitch our tent.)

I could sit here for hours telling you all the fun things about camp but I would not want to keep you up all night. But some of the most memorable parts where when we were hiking up a mountain and across from us you could see the Delaware river. (Which later on another hike we actually swam in the Delaware river and let me tell you….it was ICE COLD!) And on a different hike when we saw some snakes. But most of all my new friends. I think I will miss them the most. (Yes I have their email address and phone numbers so I will stay in touch with them!)

Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity!

Pinchas Avraham Delman

Flushing, NY

Dear Mr. Gold,

As the summer comes to an end and we are starting to prepare for school I can’t help but reflect upon the absolutely amazing summer that Avi had in CDG. His first sleep away camp experience was everything that we hoped it would be and more! Avi is still overflowing with stories and fantastic memories from bunk 6. He made wonderful friends and had super counselors.

Mr. Gold – thank you! Your leadership and organizational skills are truly inspirational. Your communication with me was always patient and helpful.

You helped me to orchestrate the perfect bunk for Avi!
Mark and I are already looking foward to next summer and can’t wait for Avi to go back and experience another fulfilled summer at CDG!
Wishing you and your family a year full of mazel and bracha!

Mark and Naomi Landsman

Teanck, NJ

Dear Alex,

First of all, we just want to thank you a million for giving Shiah such an AMAZING first summer away. Your camp is truly terrific and besides being impressed on visiting day with the warmth of the staff, the families and the immaculate grounds, we are thrilled that Shiah is having such a great experience. Second of all, thank you for posting all of those great pictures online!! It is so much fun to scroll through the photos and see all of the boys having such a blast, and then get to one of our own son smiling away. We are looking forward to next summer already!!! I teach many of your campers at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe in Queens and have always heard about CDG, now that Shiah has experienced it I can see why it is so popular!! Your professionalism and warmth just comes through and it is obvious why the boys have such a special time!!

All of the best,

Melissa and Richard Maisel

Flushing, NY

Thank you again for a wonderful summer. The boys have such great experiences and love going. I enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing about the amazing summer they had. You guys did an excellent job with communication to the parents and the videos were outstanding! I also deeply appreciated the recognition and porgamming related to Medinat Yisrael and creating ways for the boys to feel like they are helping.

All the best,

Batyah Cohen

Skokie, IL

Our Daniel was just so happy. Although he called us only twice for 10 seconds all summer (when he was low on funds), on visiting days he told us about great counselors, great trips, serious sports, and yummy food (he is a Cywiak after all!).

Sending you our triplets next summer IYH (Hawaii here we come!).

Dvora and Moshe Cywiak

Woodmere, NY

Dear Alex,

We are writing to thank you so much for providing such a wonderful summer camp experience for our son. Avishai had a fantastic time at Camp Dora Golding. He enjoyed everything about camp – the sports, the learning, the trips, the different activities, even the food!

Special Thanks to his wonderful counselor and JC and especially to his Rebbe. I don’t know if Avishai would have had as great a time without such amazing leaders that you selected for his bunk and learning program. Thank you as well for training and selecting such outstanding individuals to watch over him, teach him, and provide him with such an excellent camp experience.

When we visited Avishai on Visiting Day, we were particularly impressed with how beautiful the camp grounds and facilities are. It is very obvious how much effort and time must go into renewing and maintaining the camp.

Thank you again for giving Avishai such a fabulous summer. I have been recommending CDG to all my friends here in Toronto!

With much Gratitude,

Sam and Elisheva Lightstone

Toronto , Canada<br />

Hi Alex,

It seems like forever ago that I was speaking to you about signing my son up for camp.

Noah is in Bunk 1 and I wanted to reach out to you as I felt you should know what an amazing job we feel his division head is doing. I have spoken to him on the phone and via email and he has been excellent! He included Mrs. Yachnes with whom I met at the airport while chaperoning the Chicago boys and she seems to be wonderful as well. I spoke to her today and she seems greatly positive.

Noah was ecstatic for months about going to camp and we were excited for him. He is super kind and pretty easy going and we would love to see him iy’h return for many years down the road with more friends as well as his brothers. Having him surrounded by such a strong team definitely adds to my comfort of having him so far away.

My husband and I will be there for visiting day iy’h and we look forward to meeting you and the rest of CDG team.

Lori Miller

Chicago, IL

Dear CDG Yaalozu Staff,

I cannot find enough words to thank you all for such an amazing summer for Isaac. He could not wait to tell me that Yaalozu was the best experience for him and how he cannot wait to go back again for next year. I know many may say the same but it means so much to us that Isaac felt at home at came off that bus with a huge smile and with hakarat hatov for the camp staff and new friends with whom he shared great times with and for us who sent him to Yaalozu.

We are truly grateful for all you and the camp has done to give him this great experience.
Thank you so much.

Tamara and Naphtali Levin

Teaneck, NJ

I just wanted to share with you how wonderful my son’s summer at CDG was. He went for the second month only and I was sort of concerned as this was his first time and he would be there for the 9 days and Tisha B’Av, but I was so pleasantly surprised. David truly thrived over the summer (even with his loss of socks and clothing)–he made new friends but most importantly found a strength inside himself that perhaps he never realized he had. It wasn’t easy being the new kid on the block in his bunk but he found the tricks to the trade rather quickly (like his favorite short cut through the woods). Again, thanks for a wonderful summer and David has already asked to go back for the entire summer.

Anat Levi

Woodmere, NY

Dear Alex,

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the entire Camp Dora Golding staff for giving our son Eitan the most wonderful summer experience. We could never have predicted just how much fun Eitan would have and how happy he would be in camp. This was his first time at sleep-away camp and you truly made him feel at home. We are truly sad his camp experience is over and look forward to next summer I”yh!!


Ayalah and David Jesselson

Cedarhurst, NY

Dear Alex,

I’d like to share with you the first letter that I received from my son Sender from camp. It read as follows:

Dear Mommy,
Camp Dora Golding is the best camp in the world. I made friends. I take showers, make my bed, clean the bunk house and fold my clothing. The sports are great and I am having a Melava Malka. If you don’t know my bunk it is Yud ches.

I hope to come back next year. Send regards to the whole family.

I miss you Mommy.


Alex, what a beautiful heartwarming letter for a mother to receive. Thank you for making my son’s first experience in camp the absolute best. With sincere appreciation and thanks.

Rachel Pattashnick

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Alex,

I’ve been meaning to write this e-mail for a while and apologize that it took so long. I just wanted to thank you for everything and for making Yehuda’s (and his friends) camp experience really enjoyable. They all had a great time and it is no doubt attributable to the personal attention you gave when selecting their counselors and rebbeim and addressing our issues.

Wishing you a K’siva V‘chasima Tova.

Bruce Tager

Bergenfield, NJ

Hi Alex,

Josh came home and told me you asked him to keep in touch. I just wanted to thank you for helping out so much before and during his time at camp. He had an amazing summer and is already talking about going back next year. This really was a dream come true for all of us. The staff was amazing with Josh. From day one I knew he’d be fine.
So I’m sure Josh will email you himself but I just wanted to touch base myself and thank you again.

Vanessa and Steven Kratka

North Woodmere, NY

Dear Alex Gold,

Let me thank you for an awesome summer experience for our son, Aaron Greenwald. Aaron was looking forward to spending the second month at Dora Golding for a long time now. He rated his month at CDG with “a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5″. He loved all the activities – the sports, the night activities, the counselors and staff, the learning, the all-around ruach of CDG. He was practicing the CDG theme song since we registered him in the winter.

Aaron had the good fortune of winning the Mets tickets with his winning “Shteigo” card and we are sitting with awesome tickets for Thursday night’s game (9/10). Thanks so much – Aaron and his father are really looking forward.

Kerrie Greenwald

Kew Garden Hills NY

Dear Alex,

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the entire Camp Dora Golding staff for giving our son Eitan the most wonderful summer experience. We could never have predicted just how much fun Eitan would have and how happy he would be in camp. This was his first time at sleep-away camp and you truly made him feel at home. We are truly sad his camp experience is over and look forward to next summer I”yh!!


Ayalah and David Jesselson

Cedarhurst, NY


I wanted to thank you and everyone at the camp for making Naftali’s first experience putting on tefillin such a nice one. We felt so welcome and the heimishe atmosphere was very evident. (My daughter wants to go to Camp Dina now!) We really appreciate everything that was done yesterday — and every summer for our boys.

All the best.

Naomi & Tzvi Grossman

Sharon, MA

Dear Alex,

As we are told in Koheles, there is a time and season for everything. It’s hard to believe that after 12 summers at CDG, the time has come for the Teichman family to bid you all adieu, at least for a while. We can never fully express our gratitude for all the wonderful experiences and memories our boys have shared, both with their friends and with each other. In fact, we just had 4 CDG alumni for Shabbos – I guess it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Please send our warm regards to your family and best wishes for a freiliche Chanukah. May you be zoche to provide inspiring and entertaining summers for Bnei Yisroel for many years to come!


Yudi & Shira Teichman

Monsey, NY

Dear Alex,

Kudo’s to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The kids had a great time this summer. Aryeh came back with recipes from Chef Yo and you guessed it this morning I got up and ran to the bakery for onion rolls and made him Sunny Side Up Eggs. He also met new friends and even relatives— he had never met from Texas!

Rebecca had an equally good time at Camp Dina and came home with stories of new friends she met.

Thank you very much. You are doing a wonderful job and you should know the Camp truly has a Shem Tov because of all the hard work you put into the camp and our children. You are truly an asset to this community.

Thank you, all the best.

Gitelle Steinfeld

Woodmere, NY

Dear Mr. Gold,

My letter is to tell you how much we appreciate all the work that you and your wonderful staff do for our children every day and night.

We came to visit our son Avi in bunk 25, yesterday. He is having the time of his life. Sending him to CDG was one of the best decisions we have made for him. But what really impressed me yesterday was with my son Tzvi Yoseph. In the dining room he saw Rabbi Idstein who happened to have been talking with someone at the time. He went over and was greeted with a big smile and wide open arms. My son was only in camp for 2 weeks yet he still was treated wonderfully. It made me feel so good to see that he wasn’t just given a simple wave and a how ya doin, he made my son feel special. He didn’t have to, but it seemed to be his nature.

Yasher Koach to you and your staff, and much hatzlocha for the rest of the summer.

Brenda Weiss

Staten Island, NY

Dear Alex,

First, I just wanted to let you know that Dovid seems to have been having a really terrific time. I want to give you a tremendous yasher koach on your efforts on the camp this summer. The staff seems extremely organized. I also want to commend Dovid’s counselor. He is a tremendous mentch, extremely organized, gets the kids involved and doing the sports and swimming that they should be doing, and I am sure that he is a large part of why Dovid is having such a good time. Please relay our appreciation and commendation to him.
Thanks again for a really great summer.

PS – Just so you know, my older son Uri was so impressed with how much fun Dovid is having, and the fact that you came over to him on visiting day at lunch, and the totally revamped bunks, that he is now planning on coming back next summer.

Dov Kesselman

West Hempstead, NY

Dear Alex,

I want to thank you all- everyone at the camp- for making this an exciting and wholesome summer for Dovie. He had a wonderful time and considering that this was literally his first experience away from home – it was amazing. The counselors, the Rebbe, the waiters, the water staff – all are to be commended for their patience, their midos and their ability to make young boys happy.

Shelly Brand

Staten Island, NY

Dear Alex and the entire CDG staff,

We would like to express our sincere thanks for hosting us for Shabbos. We enjoyed experiencing a Camp Shabbos. We hear about camp all year long. Now that we have “Lived it” we know how FANTASTIC Dora Golding truly is.

Of course the most meaningful part of the weekend was Evan’s becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The Ruach, Zemiros and overall warmth helped create a beautiful atmosphere.

We thank you again for your gracious hospitality and for making us feel so welcome. We will forever cherish these Bar Mitzvah Memories.

With warmest regards,

Robbin and Joey Bochner

Monsey NY

Dear Alex,

My son, Jakey Goldenberg, attended your three day program. I did not see him last night because I was out. The first time I saw him was when I tried to wake him this morning. He was so tired he couldn’t talk so he either nodded or shook his head to answer my questions ( did you have fun – nod; did you brush your teeth – shake; did you like the food – nod). Then I asked if he wants to go next summer for a month and he shook his head – I said but you had so much fun, you don’t want to go for a month? He shook his head again, jumped up and said, “No – I want to go for the whole summer!” I want to thank you for having this program – he had a blast.

Naomi Goldenberg

West Hempstead, NY

Mr. Alex Gold
Camp Dora Golding

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your staff in the way they handled the medical situation with my son.

As you are aware my son took ill last week. From the time he was initially diagnosed the communication between your staff and my wife was excellent. When there was additional concern later that night, and it was determined that he should be sent to the hospital, I saw how professional your staff can act. We initially received the call at 12:30 AM from the camp nurse. As a parent, when a child is away from home and there is a medical situation, there is greater concern. As we were heading to the hospital in the Poconos in the early morning hours, your staff made numerous phone calls to reassure us of the situation. The guest house was prepared for our arrival. Your “hospital escort” stayed with my son in the hospital all night so he wouldn’t be in a strange environment alone.

All in all, my wife and I felt that the well-being of our son was the camps top priority. Baruch Hashem, my son was released that morning, and has now recuperated.

The true test of any establishment is how they are prepared and handle emergency situations. You should be proud of the professional staff you have, and how they reflect on you and your camp.

Dov and Gittel Nierman

Flushing, NY

Dear Alex,

Here’s just a short note to tell you how great,
Eli’s summer has been, your camp is top rate!
Since this was his first time away on his own,
We were quite nervous, him being alone.
But your staff was so warm, there was no need to worry,
They took great care of him, to come home- he was in no hurry.
With overgrown hair and skin darkly tanned,
Our sweet little Eli became quite a young man.
Although 1/3 of his clothes were lost there in camp,
It’s got to beat the 2/3 that were moldy and damp!
It’s part of the experience, we keep telling ourselves,
As we shop once again to refill his shelves.
We are counting the days till Camp Dora Golding starts again,
Save Eli a spot for next summer Im Yirtzei Hashem!!

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy year!

Ronnie and Devorah Borochov

Cedarhurst, NY

With so much thanks and gratitude, I, Mrs. Kabasso would like to extend from my heart for a wonderful second month at camp. For Moshe’s first experience and as well as mine, it is beyond words to say how memorable and special the summer was. Everything possible was offered to my son Moshe. I am extremely proud and honored to have sent him to Camp Dora Golding! G-d willing he will continue to return next summer!
Thanks so much for everything you have done for my family. Please send me your application for next summer.


Mrs. Kabasso

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Camp Dora Golding Staff:

I wanted to let you know, how thankful we are, the Gellers of Tarzana, for giving Avi the opportunity for the summer experience at Camp Dora Golding. He had a real BLAST!!! He told us about everything he did, he saw, he experienced, he liked, he learned and he ate. I understand the food was delicious, the counselor were wonderful, compassionate and nice, the sports were great, the learning was stellar, the trips were fun, the swimming and diving were extraordinary, the thunderstorms were cool, the campers were tons of fun, the camp was pretty, and the lake was awesome…real live toads and fish.

All the telephone calls I made were returned in a timely fashion and all the concerns were dealt with in a prompt manner. The camp mother was great. She kept me apprised of all issues of concern. And, she’s so friendly too.

We want to take this opportunity to give you a big yasher koach for all that you do. He is already bugging me to register him for next year.

Thanks for everything.

The Gellers

Tarzana, California


As parents of first-time camper Yoel Belitz, there was no greater joy than to relish in his obvious excitement and contentment yesterday. He is having a fantastic time @ CDG, and is alrerady talking about going for the full summer next year. Keep up the great work on staffing, activity planning and coordination on campus.

Ardra Belitz

Suffern, NY

To Alex:

Just a short note of thanks. I enjoyed visiting day very much. I am impressed with the atmosphere at CDG. Good Midos seems to be the central theme and that is so great.

Rena Gordon

Far Rockaway, NY

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for allowing us to come up yesterday to visit Mikey. I just have to inform you that you have the most friendliest, warmest and wonderful staff. Their care and concern for Mikey is above and beyond the norm. Thanx for another great summer. Hatzlacha Rabba and keep up the great work.

Naomi and Mark Gross

Lawrence, NY

Dear Alex,

Thanks for enhancing my son’s experience away from home. It was so relieving when my son knew the names of all the head counselors, division heads and yours personally. To me that spells tender loving care. After reviewing my sons experience of the care he received not only from the chiefs but as well from his counselors, I definitely see a consistent pattern of genuine care. His counselor was so kind and a real angel. Needless to say Mikey had somehow lost his bottle of shampoo and soap, thanks to his counselor lending him from his own supply, Mikey was able to take a shower. The standard of responsibility is seen across the board, and this is a great accomplishment for Camp Dora Golding. Thanks for adding Mikey to the CDG family.

Thanking you again,
“yashar coach”

Hannah Boyer

North Miami Beach, FL


I wanted to thank you and everyone at the camp for making Chaim’s first experience putting on tefillin such a nice one. We felt so welcome and the heimishe atmosphere was very evident.  We really appreciate everything that was done yesterday — and every summer for our son.

All the best.

Ruchie and Moshe Schwartz

Woodmere, NY

I just wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful summer. Yehudah had a great time in camp. He has not stopped talking about it since he got home. He can’t wait till next summer.

Shaindy Pinsker

Hillside, NJ

Dear Mendy Bauman (President),

Thank You so much for giving Yehuda the summer of his “DREAMS”!! He wrote one line to us (not even a letter). He had NO time. He said EVEN the day he threw up was one of the best days of his life. Words can’t express my gratitude. That Camp is “BOY HEAVEN”. Im Yirtza Hashem the Twins will be going there in 8 years. All the best for a fantastic New Year.

Ellen Blonder

Woodmere NY

Hi Alex.

Yakov came back from the 3-day program really thrilled. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try camp out. He wasn’t ready for overnight camp before this trial and now he can’t wait to go for a month next year! He also said the food was “amazing” and he is a very picky eater, so that is a serious compliment.

Thanks again,

Shani Halstuch

Teaneck, NJ

I want to tell you how much we appreciated your wonderful Torah teaching to our grandchild Yoni Teeter. He has been with us for the past 9 days, and has been quoting and quoting the inspiring learning that he has received from you. Being a teacher myself, I know we can never be sure of the depth of learning, impression, or inspiration we achieve — at the minimum we hope we can plant a seed that will blossom with time and study. Well, you have achieved all of the above with at least one of your students. We want to thank you personally for the great “Nachus” you have given to us through the inspiring torah learning you have given to our grandchild. May you go from success to success as you continue to bring Torah to our children and to others through your outstanding talent as a teacher.

Jerry and Goldye Kopmar

West Hempstead, NY

Dear Uncle Alex,

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable Shabbos. We were able to get a taste of the CDG experience that our boys keep raving about! The food was delicious, the staff we met and spoke to were amazing – even the rainy weather couldn’t damper anyone’s spirits around here. We will look back on our weekend here with fond memories for a long time to come.

Thanks again for everything.

Yossie & Aviva Weintraub

Passaic, NJ

Dear Alex Gold,

What would you call a great day? Would it be holding a winning lotto ticket? Would it be a nice summer day when it doesn’t rain on a Shabbos when you are walking to shul? Would it be seeing the Yankees win the world series again?
Well for me, it was last Sunday when i saw my son Yoni Sperber greet me with such a great smile on visiting day!!! As the day went on Yoni only had wonderful things to tell me about the counselors, rebbies, FOOD and great activities. He loves the “Ruach” you provide with your wonderful staff and caring personnel. The bunks were clean and inviting too. (A major task for a mother of three boys such as I) How do you do it??? Whatever the secret may be, I want to stop and thank you for a “GREAT DAY”. I am so glad we have chosen Camp Dora Golding for our son. Thank you and Good Shabbos to you and your staff. Have a Great Day!

Orit Sperber

Flushing, NY

Dear Alex,

Effy had about a year to train for his Bar Mitzvah, and his hard work paid off nicely. I can confidently say this is one Bar Mitzvah I will never forget. It was an AMAZING Bar Mitzvah at Camp Dora Golding. My wife and I had an absolutely wonderful time. You have a beautiful camp with great facilities. As you may know prior to every camp season I work in camps training “pool” lifeguards to become comfortable in open water rescue techniques , but attending Effys Bar Mitzvah I got to go back to camp and TRULY enjoy camp. I got to go back to camp with my entire family, most of whom are “camp people”. I got the opportunity to meet and talk with Rav Goldwasser and Rabbi Yaffe. I even got to meet and talk with you, the person whom I send tzedakah to plus I got to see where my money was being spent. I had an incredibly, surprisingly successful, weekend that I never could have expected. I want to thank you for hosting Effys Bar Mitzvah at Camp Dora Golding and tell you what a pleasure it was to stay at your camp.

Wishing you and your entire family a year filled with happiness, good fortune and good health.

Zev Adler

Cedarhurst, NY

Dear Alex,

I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your extremely generous gesture towards Benjamin the last week in camp. I thank you not only for inviting him to spend that last week with you, but also for the ability you and your staff have of making him feel special and wanted among so many other campers. I am sure that part of your success has to do with being able to make most if not all the kids at camp feel like they are the special ones among so many. In just one week Ben felt close to his counselors (another credit to your staff).

Every parent wants to know and feel that someone else can feel about their child as they do. You have made my husband and I feel that you do. This is very much appreciated.

Helen Fuchs

Woodmere, NY

Dear Alex,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and commend you for an incredible summer at Camp Dora Golding. Yosef and Binyamin had an amazing month filled with ruach, learning and excitement. As their first camp experience, they came home telling us about all of the great times at CDG including counselors, canteen, staff games, cocoa club and of couse…Alex.
We would appreciate if you could let us know the dates for camp next year as we would like to plan our trip to America accordingly. As we have started settling into our new home in Israel, we just wanted you to know that we were thinking about you and CDG. If you are in Israel during the year, come by and visit!

Kol Tuv!

Gary and Suzanne Wallin


Dear Alex,

Thank you once again for a fabulous summer. Avi and Tzvi had such a great time and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I will send in an application soon for next summer. Thank you and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

Debbie Korman

Lawrence, NY

Alex, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did in running the camp. My boys came home so happy and they had a fantastic time. I appreciate you working with me earlier in the year when we switched Zachary out of the camp he attended last year, along with a few of his friends. In the end, all the boys had a blast and ended up staying all summer. Thanks again and please let me know when I can sign Zak and Jordan up for next summer. It is a certainty that they will be there again (Please G-D). If we don’t talk, have a shana tovah umetukah!!.

Simmie Chiger

West Hempstead, NY