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Now entering its third year, The CIT Supreme Road Trip Experience of 2024 is better than ever.

Run by Rabbi Aaron Fleksher, the 9th grade Dean of Students and Rebbe at the DRS Yeshiva High School, CIT Supreme, a 5 week travel program for campers completing 9th Grade. The program combines all the best parts of Camp Dora Golding, together with exclusive programming such as enhanced sports leagues, out-of-state touring, and overnight adventures. Based on our beautiful 156 acre campus, CIT Supreme offers its campers the opportunity to take full advantage of CDG’s state-of-the-art facilities, sports leagues, benefit from our professional Rebbeim while participating in our legendary Miles Learning Program, and renowned night activities, all while traveling parts of the country. They will also have the opportunity to get a feel for what it means to be part of CDG’s amazing staff by participating in the CIT program while on campus.

CIT Supreme features weekly one-of-a-kind road trips to premier destinations throughout the Northeast and the Midwest. Our road trips provide teens with the experience of a lifetime! We combine exciting activities and non-stop adventure along with moments of inspiration that are sure to enhance their yiddishkeit and provide meaningful experiences for personal growth.

By traveling together, the unique CIT Supreme experience allows campers the opportunity to forge new friendships, while at the same time bring existing relationships to a whole new level! The achdus and camaraderie is amazing and add a new dimension to the CDG family.
Campers who wish to remain in CDG following the 5 week CIT Supreme Program will be able to continue in our regular CIT program at a discounted and prorated rate.

This exclusive program will be limited in size and is sure to fill up quickly, so be sure to submit your application today!