Covid 19 Protocols

New Dates and All-inclusive Price:
We plan to run only one session this summer:
Sunday, July 5th – Wednesday, August 12th

We firmly believe that in order to maintain the camp “protective bubble”, it is imperative that no new campers or staff members come or go between sessions as they normally would mid- summer.

The camp fee is $4,350, which includes staff tips. The Trip Fee and Luggage Fee have been removed.

Space is limited and unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate everyone that wants to come.  Priority will be given to campers that were registered for the full summer, as well returning campers that have been with us in the past.

**In order to confirm your child’s place in camp, you need to reply to this email so that we can finalize your registration.**

Health and Safety Plan
We are fortunate to be located in the State of Pennsylvania, where summer camp is highly valued and has been given priority in the opening process. The Department of Health has advised that overnight camps must develop their own health and safety plans and follow the guidance from the CDC. After consultation with our own medical experts, we have decided to adopt the AJCO COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan. This plan has been developed by seven prestigious infectious disease doctors. In addition to the AJCO Plan, we have implemented much of the CDC guidance into the CDG Health and Safety Plan.

Pre-Camp Testing
**If your child has not already tested for antibodies, please do that ASAP.**

In order to be allowed to attend camp, all campers and staff must:

A: Test positive for antibodies via an EAU-approved blood test within 30 days prior to arriving at camp.  Test results must be emailed to ASAP, by Monday, June 29 the latest.
If you test negative, only then can you default to option B


B: Test negative for Covid-19 via PCR Nasal Swab Test within 5 days prior to arriving at camp and self-quarantine at home between the time of testing and the time of departure for camp.  In order to streamline this testing process, we have contracted with a large testing company to open several testing sites exclusively for our campers in your neighborhood. More information on these locations and procedures will be sent out next week.

Travel to Camp
In order to avoid exposure to the public and large gatherings at bus stops, there will be no bus transportation to camp. On opening day, all campers must be driven to camp by car. We will be coordinating a staggered arrival schedule, so that we can maintain efficiency.  Upon arrival, we will take every camper’s temperature. Anyone with a fever of 100 or higher, will not be allowed to enter camp. Parents will not be permitted to get out of the car. You will drive to a designated area and our staff will transport the camper and luggage in to camp. Please do not bring siblings or any additional people in the car for the trip.

We do not recommend carpools. If you do decide to take additional campers in your car, please understand that you are taking a risk.  If anyone in the car has a fever or shows signs of illness, the entire carpool will not be allowed to enter camp.

Out of Town Travel
No one will be permitted to fly on a plane and come straight to camp. Campers and staff members that live out of town will be required to either drive directly to camp (and not fly on a plane at all) or fly in to NY/NJ/PA 14 days before camp starts, and test and arrive per the procedures above.

We are proud to announce that our Health Director, Dr. Shmuel Ganz MD, will be returning to oversee all camp programs. Camp Dora Golding is staffed full time by Mrs. Sharona Seidel, NP, Mrs. Rachel Cutler, RN, Mrs. Lana Pinchasov, PA and Mrs. Esther Strauss.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be used by infirmary staff, along with other technical measures, to ensure maximal effort against the possible spread of virus in the camp. Periodic temperature checks of campers and staff will be instituted as well. An additional, separate infirmary isolation space will be setup to quarantine suspected Covid cases. Our infirmary will have a rapid Covid testing machine and have the ability to test campers and staff as needed. All staff will be trained in identifying symptoms of MIS-C (Kawasaki-like disease) and will keep an eye out for any camper showing these symptoms.

Infirmary staff will avoid sending campers out of camp if not absolutely needed. If a camper must go to an outside provider for such things as x-rays, gloves and a mask will be worn at all times, while out of camp. In the unlikely event of an acute medical emergency, Lehigh Valley Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital are both within 15 minutes of camp. Our camp has had an excellent working relationship with them as well as 2 urgent care facilities in the area for many years.

Emergency Contact
Every camper and staff member must have a family that is located in NY/NJ/PA that will take responsibility for the camper or staff member, in the event that he/she must leave camp for any reason, specifically, injury or sickness. This family must be willing to accept the risk of caring for a Covid-positive person.

Sickness / Suspected Covid
Our Medical Staff is trained to identify all known COVID-19 symptoms.  If a camper / staff member is found to have suspected symptoms of Covid, parents will be notified, and the camper/staff will be tested and isolated in the respected isolation location. We will be very restrictive about the movement of the exposed bunk and their interactions within their division, until we obtain the test results. If the camper / staff member tests positive for Covid, the camper / staff member will be sent home or to the emergency contact. The entire bunk will then be tested. The bunk will continue to operate with activities as a bunk only, and not interact with the rest of the division, until they all test negative for Covid.

While we are confident in our ability to provide a safe and healthy summer, there are certain things that are simply out of our control. Our leadership and our medical board, in consultation with the camp attorney, are therefore requiring that everyone that attends camp have a parent/guardian sign the attached waiver and upload it to your camper account. Your registration will not be confirmed until the waiver is uploaded.  This is a document that is mandated in order for camp to open.

High-Risk Campers and Staff
Campers or staff members that are considered “high risk” or with underlying health conditions, will not be allowed to attend camp. This includes but is not limited to anyone that is diabetic, has any kind of heart or lung disease, is considered immunocompromised or has any other medical issue defined by their medical provider, unless specifically approved by their medical provider in writing. Unfortunately, for those campers/staff to attend camp would present too great a risk to their wellbeing.

Staff members ages 50-65 must visit their primary care physician and have them attest that they are in good health, before being allowed to attend camp.  Anyone over 65 years old will not be allowed to attend camp.

Large Groups / Gatherings
Every camper is assigned to a bunk and each bunk is part of a larger division. All activities will be played within a campers division. There will be no indoor camp-wide activities. Davening and meals will be split into two separate shifts, in order maintain appropriate physical distancing between divisions. There will be no buffet style meals this summer. Learning groups/shiur will be broken down into groups within their own division.

All staff will arrive the week before campers. All staff are hired with the knowledge that they will remain in camp for the duration of their stay. This includes spending their Off Days on campus. Spouses of Married staff that are in the city, will not be permitted to come up for Shabbos.

Cleaning and Disinfection
Our maintenance staff will clean and disinfect all bathrooms and showers daily, using CDC approved sanitizers.

Public areas including the Dining Room and Shul, will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day. This year, we will add comprehensive training on issues specific to the Covid virus.

We will have hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the campus. Shared sports equipment will be disinfected between each use.

The maintenance team will wear proper masks and gloves, when cleaning and sanitizing.

All kitchen staff will wash their hands before and after work, and will wear gloves and masks while preparing and handling food.

We will reduce the frequency of deliveries as much as possible and inform all vendors of our restrictions. All deliveries will be stopped at the gate. Trucks will be allowed in only after the driver puts on a mask and gloves. Delivery drivers will have no direct contact with campers. All packages arriving at camp will be sanitized appropriately.

Most of our bunkhouses already have divider partitions between the beds. In places where beds are not 6 feet apart or separated by a partition, campers will sleep in a head to toe configuration.

Camper Program
Will camp look and feel the same this summer? The short answer is almost. Camp will operate on a lockdown, meaning no one will generally be allowed in or out of camp.
All regular camp activities will be run (sports, specialties, night activities, etc.)

The swimming pools will be open as usual. According to the CDC, there is no evidence that the virus can be spread to people through the water in chlorinated pools.

Each grade will operate as its own division. Campers will be able to participate in all activities with friends from other bunks within their division, however, they will not be able to go into each other’s bunkhouses. Campers will be able to walk freely around camp, as they always have, but will not have activities with other divisions.

There will be no-out-of-camp trips. There will be no Visiting Day, but arrangements will be made to speak to your child. Details to follow.

Hydration during the hot summer is very important. In order to minimize frequently touched surfaces, we will not using public water fountains.  Camp will provide water bottles at all sport and outdoor activities at no cost.  Campers can still bring their own water bottles or drinks for their own use, while in their bunk.

We are humbled by the tremendous positive feedback and encouragement that we have received from campers, parents, staff members, pediatricians, hospital physicians, and community leaders. You have given us the strength needed to proceed, push and plan to make this happen.

When you chose CDG for your child, you did your homework and reached a level of confidence that you could entrust your child to our care. With all that has changed in the past three months, we still want you to feel that same level of trust. While we are confident that we can provide a safe and enjoyable summer for your child and hope that you stay with us, we completely respect whatever decision you make for this summer. We look forward to spending an incredible and safe summer together.  Feel free to contact me for any question or concerns.

Please note that we reserve the right to adjust any and all policies based on the recommendations and in consultation with our internal and external medical personnel and advisors.